Meet the family

The inspiration behind our fabulous food

Eva Mable (affectionately known by many as Aunty Eve) loved her food, she loved her family and friends but most of all, she loved bringing them together.

A day spent on her feet cooking for her loved ones naturally became harder with age and this was compounded by Eve's increasing health issues. The biggest shift was the passing of her Chief food sampler, Helmut, after 58 years of marriage. These changes brought sharply into focus the realisation that life looks a little different for all of us as time marches on.

The good news is that this doesn't mean we have to compromise on our sunshine years and least of all, on our mealtimes. We know that cooking can be a tricky business in our retirement years and not everyone is comfortable in the kitchen, so we're here to share the load. Come join us around the table for a fabulous meal - good luck getting a word in edgeways!

Hello from Leigh

My name is Leigh and Aunty Eve, as you'll know her, was my beloved grandmother. To me, she was simply Gags! I will always remember her cooking in the kitchen, sipping her 6pm glass of wine and never without her painted nails.

I'm known to be an enthusiastic foodie and have naturally had a career rooted in food, but my true inspiration came from my dear Gags. Her love could be felt in the meals she cooked and she instilled in me the value of eating a delicious, wholesome meal at least once a day. Gags showed me that no matter how glamorous we make ageing look, different seasons bring different challenges and getting a little help in our later years is ok - a delicious, wholesome meal is often just what the doctor ordered! I want to make this easier for you to achieve on a daily basis.

Our purpose is simple…to create fabulous food for everyone’s Aunty Eve